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Robust audiences insights = increased RElevancy, reach & revenue

Having accurate and compelling data about your listeners is key to attracting sponsors and growing audiences. Yet, listener survey data is increasingly difficult to obtain for the level of insight you need.

Leading media organizations rely on Listener Analysis to obtain valuable data about their audiences and people that have signaled an interest in their shows.

Combining innovative technologies with a decade of digital analytics expertise,
we give you access to a robust knowledge-base of your listeners. Now you can,

  • provide granular, insightful audience data to more easily attract sponsors

  • hone content to accurately align with your audience and prospective listeners

  • benchmark your podcasts against other podcasts in your space


Get RICH data on your audience and potential listeners who have signaled an interest in your podcasts.

This approach leverages publicly available information to determine key factors based on profile information, what they talk about, who they follow, and what they engage with. We study multiple signals such owned channel followers, those who post about it, and those who engage and share episode-related content. Your audience knowledge-base will include:

  • Affinities (interests, brands, influencers, hashtags)

  • Attitudes (self-perceptions, attitudes on the world, and technology)

  • Marketing Touchpoints (how they discover, engage, and advocate for brands)

  • Media Behaviors (how they consume media across TV, music, digital, and social)

  • Demographics (e.g., gender, age, race, native language, family status)

  • Location (by country, U.S. state, and city)

  • Education (education status and university attended)

  • Profession (industry, occupation, employer, income


What you get

  • Custom presentation that outlines key insights about your audience, in a format that is easily shared with potential advertisers.

  • A data repository that you can reference at any time to pull key stats about specific brands or categories of interest to your prospects.