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First & First Consulting helps brands and agencies close the gap between strategy and analytics. We do this by leveraging a diverse range of innovative analytics methods and injecting consumer-first thinking into everything we do. Our firm acts as a collaborative partner in the development of strategies, analyses, and research. In addition to our service offerings, we help businesses transform their practices in order to create these outputs on their own.

We have a core belief that analytics and research doesn’t need to be extraordinarily time-intensive or expensive in order to be of substantial quality. As such, we pride ourselves on operating at the speed of your business without being cost prohibitive or cutting corners on substance. This has allowed us to become the go-to strategic partner of the world’s leading brands and agencies by fundamentally shifting the face of data and analytics.



our Hybrid Approach


Neither exclusively strategists nor analysts, we are uniquely hybrids. Storytelling is our craft, research and analytics are simply tools that we use in order to arrive at the insights that fuel these stories. Every member of our team is well-trained in each of our best-in-class tools and the art of crafting a consumer-centric strategy.

Our approach to hybrid hiring is accompanied by a team of bench consultants that allow us to rapidly expand our capacity and capabilities to deliver the outputs you need, how you need it, when you need it.


Our Offerings

Our relationships with our clients are deeply integrated and we have a broad array of flexible business models. We work with clients on both an ad-hoc and retainer basis, across the following types of services:



Data-driven thinking,
action-focused outputs



Intelligent decisions inspired
by consumer-first thinking



Optimizing your strategy
& analytics practice

heard on the street…


"First & First Consulting is an extension of our customer insights team at Brandwatch. Their depth of knowledge about the platform and experience with social analytics make them an indispensable resource for our customers. Our close working relationship improves our best practices as an organization."
- Jason Pottinger, Team Lead

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“First & First represents a formidable new hybrid of strategist/analyst. Simply put, each consultant we've worked with can do the work of two people in half the time, and to a higher standard than you ever imagined. Aside from their exceptional flair as strategists, they helped retrain, staff-up and energize my analytics team over a 3 month period. They also worked with us to design new analytics-based products that have been a huge hit with our clients.” 
– Sophie Hauptfuhrer, Executive Strategy Director, Havas

“First & First has truly brought our data analytics capabilities to the next level. Not only have we been able to go further faster, but they saved us tons of money by streamlining the analytics process. They are an extension of our team and that’s the attitude they bring to the table. Devon and her team go the extra mile, have multiple check-ins to ensure we’re always aligned and even customize the deliverables based on our style/needs. I cannot recommend them enough and we look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.”
- Lynzie Riebling, VP, Audience Insights & Strategy, Revolt

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I’ve spent years telling clients good/fast/affordable isn’t possible but working with First & First has allowed us to offer both external and internal clients just that. They’re essential partners with a high “get it” factor that allows us to rapidly scale up our data analytics capabilities to deliver best-in-class analysis for our clients in their most trying times. Regardless the industry, First & First allows us to uncover the insights necessary to shape our campaigns and evaluate our impact on our client’s business.
- James O'Malley, Group SVP, Data + Analytics, Marina Maher Communications

The team at First & First Consulting are that best type of partners. They are an extension of our team at Flint & Steel and always have our client’s and their consumers' true needs as the true focus of their guidance. First & First's data, strategic analysis and thoughtful application have grown our business and the businesses of our clients. They are an inspired ally and we look forward to every project together.”
Theresa Batycki, Managing Director, Flint & Steel

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